Thai Heat Massage

Thai Heat Massage

This form of Thai Massage blends the profound benefits of heat, aroma, herbs and compression to relax sore muscles and increase flexibility. A hot compress consisting of therapeutic herbs (including: ginger, cinnamon and eucalyptus) is applied to your muscles and joints to allow the heat and steam to deeply penetrate and relax your muscles.

The heat penetrates your pores and as your skin becomes warmer, blood flow is stimulated. This results in the rapid rebuilding and nourishing body tissue. Experience the profound and simultaneously energising effect on your body, mind and soul.


Thai Heat Massage

60 Min  R 350.00
90 Min  R 450.00

Aroma Hot Stone Massage

60 Min  R 380.00
90 Min  R 500.00

Relax Your Mind & Recharge Your Body

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